News Media

strives to maintain a positive, cooperative relationship with news media representatives. The news media are important community partners, providing accurate, relevant, and timely information regarding decisions, activities and concerns. Media coverage informs our communities and increases public awareness of education.


Board Chair, Brad Unger is an official spokesperson for the Board of Trustees of . The Board Chair will address matters of governance, and issues related to the Board of Trustees.

Superintendent/CEO, Shelley Amos is an official spokesperson for . The Superintendent/CEO will address matters related to the operations of the , general inquiries and/or critical incidents. The Superintendent/CEO may defer comments on specific matters to administrators or professional staff.


Request for Information and Interviews

All media inquiries must first be directed through the HSD Communications Office (official liaison and primary contact for media). This includes requests for interviews with employees (administrators, teachers, and staff), students, as well for information on division or school events, policies, and procedures. In order to protect the privacy of our students and employees, media representatives are not permitted on school grounds without prior approval.

Our expectation is that media will not discuss/negotiate potential interviews with our employees or gain their consent for interviews, prior to receiving authorization to do so.  All such requests should be directed to . This is necessary to ensure protection of employee privacy, and to allow for review of the request by supervisory personnel and/or school administration (principal).

School-Initiated Request for Coverage

Principals may choose to invite media to school events, or request coverage of school stories of interest. In such instances, media are not required to request additional permission of access from .

Before any student is photographed, videotaped or interviewed by the media, appropriate student permissions (parent/guardian consents) must be checked with the principal or school-designate. All divisional policies concerning student privacy must be followed.

Public Events

It is expected that when media attends a public event on school property, they will identify themselves as such to the principal or school-designate upon arrival.

When members of the public are invited/permitted to attend an event, those in attendance (including media) may choose to take student photographs, videos, and/or publish identifying information without requesting consent.

Principals have full authority to approve or decline media access to school property.

Athletics Information

Requests for scores, schedules, team information, and interviews, may be made directly to the school principal or school-designate.

Matters of Trustee Governance

Media requests concerning trustee governance may be sent directly to Brad Unger, Board Chair.


Media Contact:

Tel. 204-326-6471