Public Board Meetings

Public board meetings are held at the HSD Administration Office in Steinbach. Meetings are held on the first Tuesday of each month during the school year with the exception of July and August. All are welcome to attend.

2024-25 School Year

Public board meetings will be held on Aug. 27, Sept. 3, Oct. 1, Nov. 5, Dec. 3, Jan. 7, Feb. 4, Mar. 4, Apr. 8, May 6, June 3, and June. 26. Public consultation on the 2025-26 budget will take place on Feb. 4, 2025.

The Board/PAC liaison meetings will be held on Oct. 22 and Apr. 15.

Occasionally there is a meeting of the Committee of the Whole (in camera session) before the public meeting begins. The doors will open just before 7:30pm and you are welcome to enter at this time. The public meeting runs until the agenda is complete and adjournment is generally 1-2 hours, but may go longer. If a post-meeting of the Committee of the Whole (in camera) is held, there will be a short break during which the public is excused.

Special Board Meetings

Separate board committees for Finance, Operations, Curriculum, Transportation, Negotiations, Public and Staff Relations and Workplace Safety and Health meet separately and report to the board at public board meetings. In addition to the regularly scheduled public board meetings, the board may at any time hold special meetings of the Committee of the Whole.

The board also invites groups to meetings which are not public, but open by invitation. Examples of these are the Board/Administrator Liaison Meeting (January) PAC/PTA Liaison Meetings (October and May), Retirement Banquet for Teachers (June).

Addressing the Board

Those wishing to address the board on an issue or concern, must make prior arrangements. HSD policy for addressing the Board of Trustees is outlined below:

BD – Board Operations and Procedural By-laws

Section B.16 – Procedures for Delegations Wishing to Appear Before the Board

16.1. Any resident of the division can make a presentation to the Board on a al issue provided:

  • All normal dispute resolution procedures or formal channels have been exhausted.
  • Written or electronic notification is received by either the Superintendent or Secretary Treasurer by Thursday at noon of the week prior to the board meeting at which the presenter(s) wish to appear.
  • An outline of the topic and content is received either at the board office or electronically by Thursday at noon of the week prior to the board meeting at which the presenter(s) wish to appear.

16.2. The presentation would occur immediately following the official opening of the meeting with the exception of personnel or contract issues in which case it would be deferred to the Committee of the Whole In-Camera Meeting.

16.3. One spokesperson shall be identified for the group presenting.

16.4. The maximum time allotted per presentation is 10 minutes.

16.5. No decision will be made at the meeting where the presentation occurs. It will be carried forward to the next official meeting.

16.6. If a copy of the full presentation has not been received prior to the meeting, the board requests that the presenters provide a copy to the board once the presentation is complete.

16.7. Presentations from a person or group from outside of the division may be heard at the discretion of the board.